Welcome To Tuxedo LBC

Tuxedo LBC is pleased to welcome new members and we believe that once you’ve tried lawn bowls, and experienced the joys of Tuxedo membership, you’ll be hooked. Just show up at any of the times listed below and we’ll introduce you to the great game of bowls. We’ll provide you with lawn bowls, give you a little instruction, and within minutes you’ll be enjoying the sport of bowls. You can even try it 3 times free before deciding to become a member. It’s a fun and easy game suitable for everyone. Come and see for yourself just how enjoyable it can be – you’ll wonder why you hadn’t started sooner.

  • Tuesday, and Thursday @ 10 am – July and August
  • Wednesday evenings @ 7 pm
  • Sunday @ 10 am – July and August

4 thoughts on “Welcome To Tuxedo LBC

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