A Call To Volunteers

volunteersNorwood and 1212 Dakota are hosting the 2017 Canadian Singles Championships from Monday Sep 4 through to Saturday Sep 9th, 2017. We are looking for your support in volunteering for this event. Putting on a successful event to showcase our hospitality, needs great people like you! There are a variety of opportunities. Some come with training that is mandatory, others just your willingness to help out. Here are some to think about: green and grounds prep (before and during competition), marketing, opening ceremonies set-up and clean-up, closing ceremonies set-up and clean-up, mounting of signage and banners, general welcome and information, water provision, transportation, sound system, kitchen help, bartending, scorekeepers, as well as on green markers during the competition. Please contact me – Brenda Frank to put your name on the list. All volunteers will be contacted as the needs arise. If you can’t help out – please come out and watch some great bowling.

Brenda Frank @ Robinsonb@shaw.ca, or, 204 475 6271

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