George Ames Honoured

Tuxedo LBC is proud to highlight the Senate recognition of member George Ames. George and his canine cohort recently travelled to Ottawa where they were awarded the Canada 150 Senate Medal for their almost 2500 hours of public service in Winnipeg. Rusty is featured in the story below, however it is George who is the real hero of the story. It’s a story of great giving, kindness, sacrifice and humanity. You can see below that he and Rusty provide a much needed and exceptional service to our community. George is also an active member of our club, a great bowler, and a good guy. We salute you George. Bravo!!!!

Charleswood’s  14 year old “rescue dog” Rusty, is still at work 3 afternoons a week at St. Boniface Hospital.
As part of that hospital’s pet therapy program , Rusty is one of about 10 active dogs that comfort patients, their families and staff.  He is into his 9th year working at the hospital, and has become very well known in Winnipeg due to his long time service, his trademark glasses, and social media who widely broadcast his teddy bear face.
He was recently awarded, along with his owner/handler, George Ames, a Canada 150 Senate Medal for his almost 2500 hours of dog therapy service in Winnipeg.
Rusty started out doing nursing home visits as well as accompanying his owner with food bank and ESL volunteering work. But his greatest impact has been at the hospital level with  extensive palliative care visiting, as well as front lobby greeting work, where he can comfort and entertain a large number of people who seem to really enjoy his presence.
Rusty’s face will adorn the 2017 Christmas card of the St. Boniface Hospital
Foundation.  That fund raising foundation supports cardiac research and care, neonatal facilities, cancer and depression treatment, all at their highly respected local hospital.  Rusty urges you to become a needed donor.

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