Looking Forward To Better Times

tuxQYour Tuxedo LBC Executive has considered the upcoming season – whatever and whenever it is – and has decided to encourage all of our members to remain members!  We are asking you to pay a membership fee of $10 for whatever season we have. This allows us to remain a club in good standing with Bowls Manitoba and will cover our insurance if we should manage to bowl at some point. Cheques can be sent to our treasurer Noel @ 582 Rosedale Avenue  Winnipeg Mb  R3L 1M5. There is also an e-transfer option and his email address is  nxjohnson@mymts.net (Tuxedo is the answer to the security question if you choose this option) Please arrange for payment NLT end May.

We encourage our Tuxedo family to take every precaution in this time of serious risk and uncertainty. Look out for one another, and err on the side of safety and good health. We look forward to seeing you all, in good health, at the first opportunity.

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