Bowln’s Back @ Tuxedo

We finally have the word from the city that we may start bowling at Tuxedo beginning Tue, Jun 30th!! Of course, things will be very different because of the COVID-19 virus. Our bowling days and times will be: Mon & Wed at 7 pm, Tue, Thu & Fri at 10 am. This year we have volunteer “Game Convenors” rather than gate openers, and they will guide you through the new bowling experiences. Many thanks go to these individuals for taking on this task:  Mon – Joanne Kullman, Tue – Michael & Pauline Gale, Wed – Sandra Mulholland, Thu – Brenda Frank, Fri – Jerome Kirby. There is NO DROP IN BOWLING at this time. Bowlers must pre-register for games to ensure there will be no more than 12 people at any one time (3 greens with 4 bowlers). The procedure for this is to email the scheduler at Pre-registration can be done up to one week in advance, but no later than noon the day before they would like to play, in order to reserve a game. Those without email will phone him. Noel will keep an ongoing list of who has played and when, in case tracing is required.

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