Tuxedo Lawn Bowling Club has been in existence since 1963. Since that time Tuxedo LBC has earned an exceptional reputation. Tuxedo LBC maintains that respected status still today largely through the dedication and hard work of its member volunteers. Over the years these wonderful people have brought credit to the club, the community, the city, and the province through their extraordinary efforts hosting Association, Provincial, and National championships. The joys of membership however are much more rooted in personal participation. It’s about the enjoyment of lawn bowling with friendly, like-minded people. If you are looking for gentle exercise, friendly social interaction, and a wee dose of fun competition, this game is for you.

Lawn bowling can be played with any number of players up to 4 players per team. That said, 4 against 4 never really happens in casual/social bowls. The day to day bowling at Tuxedo is either pairs (2/team) or triples (3/team). Games last 90 minutes or so and the teams are determined by a random draw before the games begin. This enables bowlers to come whenever they like (you’re not committed to a team or regular game), to meet new people, and enjoy bowling with different members. The one and only requirement for you is that you wear a pair of flat bottomed shoes. The bowls themselves are provided for your use, and personal coaching/instruction is also available to you at no cost.

Tuxedo LBC offers an inexpensive membership which allows members to bowl up to 5 times per week, all summer long. Regular membership is only $65.00, and new members pay just $35.00. Our season begins on Victoria Day – Monday, May 22 this year, and continues into September.  Lawn bowling is a sport for life, it’s a sport for all, and it provides real opportunities to forge lasting and meaningful friendships. Tuxedo members also enjoy monthly BBQ’s, Holiday Bowls, Inter-club bowling, and some fun and/or competitive events organized by Bowls Manitoba. What a great sport to enjoy with say….your grandson, your granddaughter, your wife or mother, a brother or sister, husband or father, a co-worker, or a neighbour. You are invited to join us for a summer of fun and gentle exercise in the great outdoors. The Tuxedo Lawn Bowls Club and its many members will welcome you and help make your bowls experience a fun, social, and rewarding experience.