The Town of Tuxedo Council members voted in favor of providing a clubhouse and a bowling green  – with the future members forming a club.  Dr. Pat Riley headed the formation of a club with the assistance of Jimmie Gibson and George Keets.  They were fortunate to have George Clark who hailed from Great Britain and had spent his youth on and about bowling greens.  He was recruited to build the green in accordance with the International Bowling Board Rules.
The Town of Tuxedo provided and paid for the building and green which went into operation in 1963.
The Town of Tuxedo agreed to provide
1) A green and complete maintenance of same
2) A clubhouse and complete maintenance of same.
The club was successful and about 1972 the Town of Tuxedo passed a motion that the clubhouse was no longer suitable and a new, larger one would be built within two years.
In 1974 the City of Winnipeg amalgamated with the surrounding municipalities, including the Town of Tuxedo.
The City of Winnipeg took over ALL of the Town of Tuxedo’s assets and their liabilities. This placed the club under the jurisdiction of the City of Winnipeg and the clubhouse and green became one of the liabilities.
The club asked for and received permission from the City of Winnipeg to build a new clubhouse. The Building Committee was formed and, with the help of grants and much volunteer labour, a new clubhouse was built under the leadership of Louella Robertson, opening in 1990. This is the clubhouse that we use now.